Untraditional Methods to Raise Money for College

By now, we all know that you can find money for college through one of these traditional methods: pulling from a college fund readily available for you thanks to your parents, applying for Financial Aid or Student Loans, or applying for (and winning) scholarships. What you might not know is that you can also earn money for college through some rather untraditional methods. For example, on average we spend 5.5 hours per day on Facebook and Twitter. Why not use some of that time to find money for college?


Tweet your way to money for college. Have you ever thought to find scholarships through social media? Probably not! But, it’s a great place to find out about awesome scholarships that you might be unaware of. In fact, 1 billion in scholarship dollars goes un-awarded every year because students don’t apply! You can find money for college on Twitter and Facebook by performing a simple search. Type in words and phrases such as “scholarships,” “scholarship deadline,” “scholarship deadline http,” and “scholarship pdf.” You will be surprised by how many scholarships you can find.


Spend some time on Google. You can also spend some time searching around on Google to find scholarships. Simply type in a phrase like “‘scholarships’ ‘high school seniors’ ‘2011.’” Be sure to put each of those phrases within the phrase in separate quotations in order to get back the best search results.


Ask your friends and family. There are also a lot of great crowd sourcing sites where you can collect money from groups of people (such as relatives, friends, etc). Be sure to check out these sites: www.chipin.com, www.kickstarter.com, www.paypal.com, www.peerbackers.com, www.indiegogo.com, www.fansnextdoor.com, www.scholrs.com, www.startsomegood.com, and www.takeashine.com. Ask your family and friends to contribute to your college fund on one of these sites in lieu of a Christmas, birthday or graduation gift.


Put it in a tip jar. Finally, if the above methods don’t work for you, or you want to add an extra way to make money for college, you can try these out ideas. For example, you could try collecting tips specifically for your college fund at your place of employment. Putting up a sign that reads “College Kids – Help support our education with your tips” can entice your customers to tip more than they would normally. Or you can ask your parents to collect money for your college education at their office by posting a sign next to a jar that says something like, “Candace’s College Fund.”

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