Are you Glossophobic?

You’re probably looking at this title and thinking, what is glossophobia and how do I know if I suffer from it. You’ve probably never heard this term before, but more likely than not, you are, in fact, glossophobic – or in other words suffer from speech anxiety. Studies show that as many as three out of four people suffer from glossophobia, with some people even fearing public speaking so much that they say they fear it more than death.


Now, you might be asking, what does this phobia have to do with scholarships, and the answer is – a lot! Okay, okay, so maybe a scholarship interview isn’t quite as nerve-wracking as addressing hundreds or thousands of people from a stage, but it is still enough to make you nervous. In this blog we will go over what to do to relax and get your glossophobia under control.


The very first thing you should do is take a deep breath and relax. While this is of course easier said than done, it helps to keep one very important fact in mind: the scholarship committee already likes you! You were selected for an interview, which means that you are already a “favorite” of the judges. If this endorsement isn’t enough to calm your nerves, then here are some other confidence boosters:


  • Fear is a good thing – it keeps you alert and focused.
  • Even when people feel as if they are literally trembling from nervousness, their condition rarely shows outwardly.
  • Remember that you are not alone in your fear. Even famous celebrities are prone to suffering from stage fright.
  • If you start feeling nervous, hand in there, because there’s a great chance that you will relax as the interview continues.
  • If you make obvious mistakes, no problem! You’ll know what to improve upon during your next interview.
  • Remain positive no matter what. Imagine the interview going extremely well and tell yourself that you’ll do great.
  • Get yourself excited about the opportunity you’ve been presented with! You are, after all, an incredible person, and now you get to have a conversation with people who want to hear all about how awesome you are. What is more flattering than that?
  • Exercise prior to your interview. This will get your endorphins going and your adrenaline cursing.
  • Keep the oxygen flowing. Breathe deeply and often, but not so often that you cross the line into hyperventilation.
  • If you are religious, pray for peace and serenity.
  • If you are feeling incredibly nervous, don’t be afraid to admit that to your interviewer(s). You won’t lose points for saying something like, “Please forgive me if I seem jittery. I know how important this interview is, so I’m a little bit nervous.”
  • Unless a Hollywood star is interviewing you, do not picture that person in their underwear. Whatever you visualize will probably not be pretty.

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