Top 5 Components of the College Application for The “C” Student

USA Today recently wrote an article ranking the top 5 components of the college admission application, according to an expert at Knewton Test Prep. The article ranked the top 5 as follows: 1. Grades, 2. SAT Scores, 3. Personal Statement, 4. Extracurricular activities, and 5. Teacher Recommendations. In this list, they place a lot of emphasis on your high school GPA and your test scores.
While we think the list is spectacular we have to respectfully disagree on their ranking of importance. As you know from reading our blog, following us on Facebook and Twitter, and of course reading The “C” Students Guide to Scholarships, you don’t have to be a straight A student to get in to college or to win big money to pay for your education. Below you will find a list of the top 5 components of the college application for C Student’s:

1. Teacher Recommendation – Just because your grades aren’t perfect, doesn’t mean that you aren’t a great student. Your teachers are the perfect allies for making this known to the college admission board. Make sure you find the right teach, if you plan on majoring in English a recommendation from your PE teacher may not help you as much as one from your um… English teacher.

2. Personal Statement – This is your opportunity to let your creativity and winning attributes shine! Spend time writing and re-writing this section until you know it is showcasing what’s so fantastic about you! Make it fun and entertaining and most important make it stand out!

3. Extra Curricular Activities – Yes, you don’t have a 4.0 or  maybe not even a 3.0 GPA, but you were the drama club president, active in community service projects and involved in sports. That most definitely counts for something! College admission boards are always impressed by your outside class activities, especially those focused on your career path and community service. Don’t get lazy on this list show them that you are a student leader and can contribute to their campus life.

4. SAT – This could be a area where you can redeem yourself if you have horrible grades, take the time to study for this test because you will need to include these in your college application. If your scores aren’t great, despite your best efforts, just make sure you use the top 3 components to let them know why you are so fabulous.

5. GPA – Just like the SAT scores, you need to include your GPA. Work your hardest in high school to get at least a 3.0, but if that just isn’t possible, you can still wow the admissions board with the top 3.

Now, tell us, do you agree with our ranking or with USA Today’s? Or, do you have a different idea? Add your comments below! And for tips on teacher recommendations and much more, be sure read The “C” Students Guide to Scholarships.


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  1. Paul McGuire says:

    I think both are right, depending on the circumstance. At I’m blogging on these topics for parents. I believe that if parents can get their hands on this information before their child reaches high school, then they can teach them what it takes to maximize the USA Today list. If, though, it’s too late to bring up that GPA or get the test scores that you need, then your list is more appropriate. There’s probably even a place for a third list that places extracurricular activities and audition at the top of the list for those going into sports and the performing arts. I’ve blogged on each of these and would like your feedback on them as well!

    1. ybizbuzz says:

      Hey Paul,

      Thank you so much you are absolutely right. I don’t disagree with their list but like you said a few list can and should be created from the USA Today list to help students with different circumstances. I am heading to your site right now.

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