Knowing when to quit…

Finding scholarships as a “C” Student is all about increasing your opportunities and even creating opportunities for yourselves. Another thing is knowing when to quit some of those opportunities, too. You have a lot of high school kids who stay on the basketball team for all four years, but have no chances of ever making it to play college basketball, or for the NBA, or the NFL. Knowing when to quit and put your eggs in another basket, like joining FBLA because they give away tons of scholarships, and their network is huge. Or joining SECME, which is a national STEM organization here in South Florida, they give away 25 full scholarships and you don’t get as beat up as you would playing football or basketball. 

I had to quick my basketball team after playing basketball all my life and being on varsity since my freshman year. Because my coach wanted me to dedicate my senior year to something that was going to benefit her more then it would benefit me. I realized that I was not on track to play I college and no scouts were coming to watch me play so that meant no full sports scholarship for me. So if I focused that 3 hours a day spent at practice on spending out applications and joining clubs that would better my chances of paying for college that would be a better use of my time…and it as you now know that decision payed off. 

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