Some Advice about Guidance Counselors

I still remember the day I was called into my school guidance counselor’s office. I told the woman about my top five dream schools, then I sat back waiting for her words of confidence and encouragement. My advisor looked at me with a serious expression on her face and said, “Felecia, your grades are horrible. You won’t ever attend a university. You should focus instead on finding a vocational school or getting a trade.”

I was devastated! This was the woman who the school board had hired to steer their students down the correct path in life and, most importantly, to motivate them? After throwing a few mental darts at my guidance counselor’s face, I resolved that I would be accepted into a great college even without her help. Maybe she couldn’t see past my poor grades to the resourceful person I am underneath, but I knew the truth about myself and other “C” students!

My GPA-obsessed counselor overlooked the “real world” smarts that a person develops when he or she is trying to juggle life’s obligations and pleasures, but these are the type of skills that can prove very useful for future college students. For example, I always made sure that my quarterly schedule included one or two “easy” classes—non-demanding periods that I could use to begin (and sometimes even finish!) my homework. This tactic freed up time after school for volunteer work and social activities. Another favorite school survival trick of mine was to always carry a recording device in my backpack. If I ever really didn’t want to pay attention to the teacher or really didn’t feel like taking notes, I could click on my recorder and lean back for a nap. The material was then available for me to review whenever I felt more alert and focused, without scrambling to copy a friend’s notes at the last minute. So put that voice memo feature on your phone to go use! If you can relate to my personal high school experience, then I know you’re a bonafide “C” student, ‘cause that’s how we operate!

So, yes, I was a “C” student, and I am totally proud of it! Being laz…err, having a different set of priorities than those 4.0-bookworm-types can open up a whole new world of opportunities for uniqueness and creativity. This blog is all about helping you find YOUR own unique creative ways that you can harness to score those big money college scholarships.

Always remember that just because a teacher or a guidance counselor tells you to forget about your dream school, they’re just judging you based on their narrow set of expectations. You are not a walking GPA. Check back here soon for more tips on how “C” Students can blow those expectations out of the water!

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