Engineer Yourself an Exciting Life


For “C” students, it’s all about increasing your eligibility for scholarships. As the age-old idiom goes: “Forewarned is forearmed.” If you have no expectation of suddenly inheriting a million dollars or stumbling upon a pirate’s treasure trove during your family vacation to the Caribbean, then it’s a smart idea to start engineering yourself an exciting life that will put a satisfied grin on the faces of the scholarship judges.

You possess a multitude of qualities that make you a cool and special person! It’s a smart idea to figure out what these are, because you’ll need to call your own personal strengths into action when you begin looking and applying for scholarships.

It might be helpful to sit down and write out a list of your talents, hobbies, extracurricular activities, personality traits, and any other unique attributes that might give you an edge when you fill out those scholarship applications. Everything about you is worth something.

Take a look down your list and think of ways to expand upon and enhance the talents you already have to make them even more impressive. Do you enjoy wakeboarding behind your family’s speed boat in the summertime? You might consider joining an association called USA Water Ski. Not only will this membership help you to get more involved with the sport and improve your skills, but there are also scholarships that are open only to members. Even if you never apply for a scholarship that is geared specifically toward wakeboarders, scholarship committees of all types will be impressed by your enthusiasm for the sport!

As you do further research scholarships, you will discover that many of them have specific requirements for eligibility. For example, you can only apply if you are in foster care or if you have followed the steps necessary to receive the Girl Scout Gold Award. If you are planning far enough ahead, you will have the option of engineering your life in a way that will lend itself to greater scholarship opportunities. Obviously, you cannot change your ethnicity or health status, and although there may be some great scholarships offered to Amish students, it is not recommended that you abruptly switch religions and start driving a horse and buggy to school. That’s just plain bad karma… well, it is if your CURRENT religion believes in such things. Otherwise, I’m sure that all doctrines/deities would consider a last-minute conversion just to win money a form of “cheating.”

You can use scholarship search engines to get an overview of those qualities that you don’t have yet, but that you can possibly develop with a little bit of extra effort. The key is to stay true to yourself and make decisions that will lead you to a happy and passion-filled life. Even within this framework you may find there are ways to mold yourself into a scholarship-winning machine.

In your hunt for college money, starting early and doing some research will open up more scholarship doors by providing hints on how to:

  • Join the right clubs/associations
  • Work for the right employers
  • Volunteer for the right community services 
  • Attend the right college
  • Make the right career choice
  • Belong to the right fraternity or sorority

Check back soon for more things to consider while making these choices, and lots more advice on how to broaden your opportunities.

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