Ready your Pitch


You’ve searched for the organizations that have scholarship money to give away, and you’ve singled out the ones that want to give their money to YOU… they just don’t know it yet. How are you going to show these scholarship committees that you are the person who needs, deserves, and will appreciate the funding they have to offer?

When applying for scholarships, you have to become your own sales person, publicist, and Hype man. It is your duty to sell yourself to people who are looking to invest their money into promising individuals. The catch is that they don’t know you, and in most cases you have 500 words or less to tell them what an outstanding person you are and how much you really need their money. Scholarship awarding boils down to simple business principles. Organizations want an ROI, which in the business world means a “Return On Investment.” They want to know that the person who receives their award is going to make the best of the educational opportunity and not waste their scholarship money on a half-hearted attempt to attend a class or two between toga parties. It’s your job to convince the scholarship committee that you are the type of student who has a sense of personal responsibility and the determination to succeed!

The thing you need to remember as you embark upon your scholarship journey is that there IS an abundance of money ready and waiting for you…but getting it is not always easy. If it were a matter of simply signing your name on the dotted line, then everyone would have scholarships! Very few things in this world are truly free and that includes “free” money.

That said, scholarships are still very obtainable if you are willing to invest the time and energy necessary to complete the steps that will take you from broke to beneficiary. And it all begins with an application.

What’s that you’re saying? “Where do I get my applications?”

There are a number of ways to obtain physical applications that are ready to be completed and mailed. Here are the most common means of acquiring your scholarship applications:

  •  By visiting a central source, like a scholarship fair or your school’s career center.
  •  In person, at the business location of the sponsor.
  •  Printing from an online database, or the website of the funding organization.
  •  Writing to a sponsor to request an application by mail.

The first three options are self-explanatory, but check back soon for some examples of how to write a letter requesting a scholarship application from an organization. While an application request is not a “contest” you can win or lose, it doesn’t hurt to put your most memorable foot forward. You never know who will read your letter, or how influential this person may be!

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