Five MORE Tips for Submitting Amazing Application Packets


A.K.A. Ten Tips for Submitting Amazing Application Packets, Part Two!

In my last post I promised five MORE tips for adding amazingness to your application packets. And would I ever let you down?

6. Give Your Application a Final Look Over.

Proofread your entire application carefully. Keep a special lookout for misspelled words or grammatical errors, because you can’t rely on computer software to catch your mistakes if you are writing out your application by hand. Just in case you overlooked a mistake, ask your teachers, friends, or parents to proofread it as well.

7. Watch Your Deadlines.

In all my years of applying for scholarships, I have yet to come across a sponsor that has given an extension. If you can’t get your application in on time, you definitely will not win! To keep yourself safely on track, impose your own submission date that is at least two weeks before the official deadline. Use the buffer time to make sure everything is included and that your application packet is neat and presentable.

8. Make Sure Your Application Gets Where It Needs to Go.

Before you mail your application, double and triple check that the recipient’s address is written correctly. If you are applying for multiple scholarships all at the same time, be EXTREMELY cautious not to slide the wrong packet into the wrong envelope, or you will accomplish nothing beyond confusing two different scholarship committees.

It’s a good idea to mail your application using a traceable delivery method, like FedEx, or to pay the small extra fee to request a return receipt. You can rest easy knowing that your application arrived at its destination and was signed for. If you don’t receive notice that your envelope was safely delivered, it‘s time to investigate the situation.

9. Keep a Back-up File in Case Something Goes Wrong.

Didn’t get any verification that your scholarship application was delivered? Aren’t you glad you made photocopies of everything in the packet before you mailed it? And since you submitted the first application two weeks early, there’s plenty of time left for the committee to receive your second attempt!

Also, your photocopies will prove useful if you come across an application similar to another that you’ve already sent out. You can “cheat” off your own work by copying the answers you gave the time before!

10. Ask For Help If You Need It.

Don’t be shy about asking for help with your application. At the very least, you will probably need to work with your parents to collect all the information and documents that must be included in your packet. If you have any questions about the application, do not hesitate to call the funding organization to ask for clarification.

11. I Know I Said Only 10 Tips, But This One is the Most Important.

Remember this is your only chance to show the scholarship committee what an amazing person you are, so don’t sell yourself short! My favorite quote is from Benjamin Franklin: “The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.” The most expensive mistake you can make is to ignore the possibility of going to college for free, just because it requires a little leg work. A good education is an investment in your life and it will also affect future generations for years to come.


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