How Do I Assemble My Scholarship Express Package?

Once you’ve gathered the contents, your Scholarship Express Package will be easy to put together:

  1. Start by placing your Scholarship Deadline Sheet in the very front where it is readily accessible and easy to use.
  2. Next, create a handy portfolio by sliding a copy of each piece of paperwork inside a clear, protective covering. Display everything, including your essays and recommendation letters. Not only will your binder serve as an impressive showcase for your accomplishments (take it along on scholarship interviews), but it will also be a valuable reference tool as you flip through your options and decide which pages will work best for each new scholarship application.
  3. Insert folders into the back of your binder and fill them with photocopies of all your important documents. Some pages, such as school transcripts and SAT scores, will be needed for every application, so make a nice stack of copies to avoid emergency trips to Kinko’s. Other items, like essay papers, will be used less frequently as straight copies, but it’s still a good idea to keep a few ready to stuff into application packets if you don’t need to make any alterations.
  4. Store envelopes and stamps in the back pocket of your binder. Be sure to keep yourself adequately stocked with these essential supplies.
  5. Your portable USB drive will contain digital copies of your typed documents, such as spreadsheets, essays, and letters of recommendation. It’s also a good idea to scan and save unofficial digital versions of your other documents. Find a way to attach this USB drive to your SEP binder, so you will always know where it is when you need it. Be sure that you back-up the contents of your portable drive onto your computer, just in case of disaster!

Sounds easy, right!? But once you get it all together, how do you get the most out of your SEP? Check back soon for the next post in my SEP series: How Do I Use My SEP?

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