Where’s the Beef?

Maybe you are considered too weird to secure a date to the prom, but being your own free-spirited self just might give you an advantage in the scholarship game! Some examples of ways that your unique interests could win you a scholarship are by:

If you don‘t happen to possess any of the above interests, check out what’s happening on the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (www.cksf.org) website [http://www.cksf.org]. This organization offers monthly online quizzes on a wide variety of obscure topics. If you score high on an initial quiz, you will advance to the next level with a chance of winning the championship round! At the time of writing this book, scholarships were being offered to students who knew facts about Homeland Security, personal  nance, and the laws of cyberspace. Who knows, maybe one of next month’s quizzes will be about the very subject that YOU have been researching since kindergarten!

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

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