Where Should You Hunt For Scholarships?

But where can I find great college scholarship opportunities? I hear you ask.

Here’s 6 great places to start!

1. Your School

Well, the first place to start would be your own high school. Chances are that you show up there at least occasionally, so why not drop by the career center while you‘re there? This may be the best source for learning about those really cool local scholarships that I recommended earlier.

Also, ask your guidance counselor and/or your favorite teachers if they‘ve heard of any scholarship competitions that seem right for you.

2. Other High Schools

If you are determined to seek out every single available scholarship, it might be a good idea to visit some other high school career centers in your area, just to see if they’ve got anything new and different that your own lazy faculty missed.

3. Colleges

The college of your choice is another great place to find scholarships. When you are browsing the Internet or visiting universities, inquire about any school-specific scholarships that you might qualify to apply for. And if you aren’t picky about what college you eventually attend, your scholarship options will broaden substantially!

4. Scholarship “Yellow Pages”

If you are the old-fashioned type who would rather squint at words on a page rather than words on your computer screen, check your local library or bookstore for one of the annually published scholarship compilations. These massive volumes contain a vast array of scholarship titles, along with details about eligibility and how to obtain further information. The listings are first grouped into categories, and then presented in alphabetical order according to name. These books are only an initial step in the process of finding a scholarship, as they lack the convenience of providing you with an instant application, but the books are the best resource for browsing through literally thousands of scholarships all compiled into one place. Just be prepared to skim over several pages of awards you are ineligible to receive between discovering each viable possibility. Oh, and have a magnifying glass standing by, because the print in these books is very, very tiny.

5. Your Personal “Scholarship Network”

Ask and ye shall receive! This is either a quote from the Bible or the motto of a pirate gang… but probably the former, because pirates tend to pillage towns and take stuff without asking. Whatever the case, don’t be shy about telling everybody you know that you are on a mission to apply for every scholarship you can find. Ask around for ideas, and request your friends and family to keep a lookout on your behalf. Your Aunt Marge might prove to be a valuable resource when she nominates you for her flower club’s “Blossoming Student of the Year” award!

6. The Internet

Just like in every other area of our lives, the internet has become a prime source of information about college scholarships (take this blog, for instance!). Check back soon for more tips on how to get the most out of online resources and search engines.

Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash


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