Where NOT to Look For Scholarships

You should never have to PAY anybody to help you find scholarships. This game is about increasing your college fund, not decreasing it! Some companies out there will charge you a fee for the “service” of assisting you in your scholarship search. They might make promises like:

  • “We GUARANTEE that our clients will win a scholar- ship!”
  • “We’ll do all the work; you just sit back and relax!”
  • “We know about scholarships that can‘t be found anywhere else!”
  • “We’ve got a secret list of scholarships that always go unclaimed!”
  • “We’ll refund your money if you aren’t satisfied!”

Despite these inflated claims, and even with the very best of intentions, no service company can guarantee anybody a scholarship. At least, not a good one! If they have a scholarship-or-your-money-back guarantee, they can probably find you a fifty-buck prize (even if they have to award it to you themselves), which will justify them in keeping the $300 “finder’s fee” you paid. Getting a refund for sketchy service is never as easy as returning a too-small pair of jeans to Walmart!

Even if someone else is willing to take the information you‘ve given them and fill-out/mail/manage your scholarship entries, do you really want to give up that control? Are they also going to write your essay for you?

You can do your own scholarship search with a plethora of results—you don’t need to pay anyone else to type a few words into an Internet search engine. No, this company does not have a CIA-style intelligence team ferreting out scholarships that have been hidden in the depths of Pakistani caves. If you feel like you need some help during your scholarship hunt, there are plenty of people and/or organizations that will help you for FREE.

In the vast majority of cases, there is no charge to apply for or “hold” a scholarship. If you are ever asked to spend money up front for a chance to win a scholarship, listen to that voice inside your head that is screaming “SCAM!” Before paying any scholarship related fees check your sources carefully and make sure that the charge is legitimate.

Check back soon for more free and no-strings tips on how to score some serious scholarship silver.

Photo by Braydon Anderson on Unsplash

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