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If your grades aren’t your strongest point this book will show you how to market yourself to scholarship committees for scholarship success. There are tons of scholarships and grants that don’t require a g.p.a. and now is the time to showcase your other talents to win big bucks. Felecia Hatcher was a C student that beat the odds, got super creative and won 5 scholarships and 2 grants totaling in over $130,000 in free money for college. In The C Students Guide to Scholarships you will learn all the secrets and techniques you will need to apply for hundreds and thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants and compete with the straight A brainiacs.

Just because your grades suck that doesn’t mean that you can’t win big bucks. This book will show you how to find scholarships when your grades aren’t your strongest point. –James Taylor Executive Director, Taylored Hearts Foundation

Remarkable! This book is a must read for all high school students. No matter if you have a 1.9 or 4.0 g.p.a. you will find resourceful information to help you achieve college and scholarship success. As an educator I’ve never come across a book like this and it has been needed for a long time. —–Dr. Cooper Johnson Adjunct Professor, Barry University

There are tons of scholarship books out there for the students with straight A’s. This is the first book of it’s kind for the rest of the students. This book truly motivates my students to reach past their shortcomings and know that they can go to college and find scholarships if they just get creative. —-Dr. Daniel L. Hernandez High School Guidance Counselor

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